CAD Drafting Services

"Fast Turnaround, Cost Effective and Highest Quality"

Global CAD Outsourcing with MDzyne 

We can manage your project from start to finish

Our fully managed Office provides a High Quality, Cost Effective, Flexible and Reliable AutoCAD and Revit Outsourcing service adhering to  U.S and  CAD Standards.

With our highly experienced CAD Managers and rigid in-house Quality Procedures we can manage the complete CAD process for your projects from start to finish

General CAD Drawing Production

  • Highest Quality 2D drafting and 3D Revit modelling services

  • Cost Effective highly experienced staff always available

  • Fast Turnaround with most packages completed overnight

  • Flexible and Reliable to meet your project specific demands

  • Simple and Secure in the way we integrate into your business

  • Value Driven quality assured drafting services on time within budget

Drawing Setup

Titleblocks, sheets, layers, blocks (families), external references, Xref Cleanup, viewports, matchlines, numbering and drawing titles all managed by MDzyne.

Quality Assurance

Procedures are controlled and coordinated by our Q.A Manager. MDzyne documentation ensures the successful flow of information both in-house and between Client offices.

No Additional Costs

Our complete CAD Project Management Facility comes at no extra cost to you. Using our standard Fixed Hourly CAD Rate for staff assigned to the project, your costs are kept to a minimum whilst maintaining a high standard of drawing production and document management.