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Remodeling and Renovation Design

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Remodeling and Renovation Design

Do you have an old, small and/or unfit building that does not meet today’s needs? Why not consider a renovation that adapts its spaces to your current requirements? Or maybe simply extend it?

The rehabilitation of buildings has gained increasing importance not only due to the preservation of the architectural heritage and / or family memories, but also because of its economic benefits.

When rehabilitating we are preserving a large part of the existing elements, reducing the amount of necessary demolition and the corresponding reconstruction. It also helps reduce demolition costs, reduce licensing costs and fees, reduce the quantities of new materials, and also speed up the building process. All this means that even if the unit prices of rehabilitation work are higher than those of new construction, the total cost of rehabilitation will probably be less than the construction of a new building .

Give new life to your building , adapting it to suit your needs and your family.


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Toronto, CA 

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