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MDzyne Cad

We, using the highly advanced technology that assists the AutoCAD construction and design industry, keep up with the rapid changes occurred in the CAD services. Our excellent team of professionals offers CAD conversion service in the following areas:

Our CAD conversion services

WHY CAD Conversion

Do you want to convert your hard copies or scanned drawings into DWG or CAD format? CAD Conversion Services

If yes, Outsource AutoCAD Drafting is your reliable partner for cost effective and high-quality.


Our team of CAD professionals can efficiently handle your CAD conversion project with all levels of complexities. Our trained team of CAD professionals are well-experienced and equipped to convert your hand-drawn rough sketches to precise and accurate CAD drawings.

Whether you are looking for hand-drawn paper drawings to CAD conversion, image to CAD conversion, PDF to CAD conversion, we can offer you a complete package of CAD solutions. Our elite clientele comprises of Architects, Engineering firms, Construction companies and other CAD service providers.

From Concept to Reality:

Elevate Your Designs through Flawless CAD Conversion

Experience the unparalleled drafting service that prioritizes top-notch quality, unmatched efficiency, and guarantees the quickest turnaround time.

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CAD Conversion Services 

Our Services

  • Paper to CAD conversion

  • Raster to vector conversion

  • PDF to CAD conversion

  • PDF to DWG conversion

  • MCD to DWG conversion

  • DWG to DGN conversion

  • AutoCAD conversion

  • MCD to drawing conversion

  • 2D to 3D conversion

Our Services

  • TIFF to drawing conversion

  • TIFF to DOC conversion

  • Scan to drafting conversion

  • TCW to drawing conversion

  • Microstation conversion

  • Sheets in varied sizes

  • As-built drawings

  • Customized line types

  • Markups

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1029 King Street West, Toronto Ont

6500 TransCanada , Montreal Qc

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