MDzyne CAD Service has a well-defined  CAD Drafter in managing incoming and current projects to ensure that we always maintain high productivity rate while maintaining quality standard at the same time.




  • We receive inquiry from client regarding what services and requirements they need.

  • We will provide Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if required by client to ensure confidentiality of all documents provided to us.

  • Estimators will review all documents received from client including drawings, standards, and project specifications .

  • Next, we will send the right amount of quotation to client.

  • Once approved, project manager will discuss all information and requirements needed by client to the team leader / lead engineer or architect.

  • Team leader will distribute the work to the project team members. In this way, production rate will increase and this will allow us to submit ahead of time.

  • Quality Control members will now check the output to ensure no errors and project specifications and standards was followed.

  • Once approved by Quality Check team, project manager will check the work. If satisfied, project manager will dispatch the work to client.