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MDzyne CAD Drafting is a global leader in providing exceptional Construction Documentation services, encompassing Drawing Sets, Working Drawings, Presentation Drawings, and Permit Sets.

From the initial Schematic Design phase to Design Development and Construction Documentation, MDzyne CAD Drafting Services offers comprehensive support for your projects. Our expertise spans the creation of Architectural Construction Documents, including drawing sets, permit sets, working drawings, and presentation drawings. With clients worldwide, we ensure that our qualified team of architects delivers exceptional Construction Documents tailored to your needs. Leveraging industry-leading software such as Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit, we provide excellent Construction Document Services. To learn more about our CAD Services and how we can assist you, explore our website for additional information.

Construction Drawing Set

Construction drawings play a crucial role in providing detailed specifications for construction details and materials. At MDzyne CAD Drafting Services, our Construction Document set (CDs) encompasses a comprehensive range of drawings, including Site Plans, Foundation & Floor Plans, Framing Plans, Exterior Elevations, Roof Plans, Building and Wall Sections, Interior Elevations, Electrical and Lighting Plans, Plan & Section Details, Material and Fixture Specifications, Selection Schedules (Plumbing, Lighting, Finish, Appliances, etc.), Door & Window Schedules, and Structural Plans (if required). These documents serve as the final reference for contractors, ensuring that the construction process proceeds smoothly and accurately.

In addition, our Working Drawings provide graphical and dimensioned details that are vital for contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Whether it's architectural, civil, structural, electrical, or mechanical drawings, our Working Drawings adhere to industry standards, ensuring clarity and understanding. These drawings serve various purposes, including legal approvals, contractor planning, component acquisition, shop drawings, subcontractor selection, and more. Moreover, the Working Drawings can be updated throughout the construction process to reflect changes and accurately document the completed work. At MDzyne CAD Drafting Services, we prioritize delivering precise and up-to-date working drawings to support seamless construction processes.

Construction Permit Set

The Permit Set is a crucial component required to obtain a building permit from the Department of Buildings. At MDzyne CAD Drafting Services, we understand the significance of this set and its role in securing the necessary approvals. Typically, the Permit Set includes essential drawings such as the site plan or survey plan, floor plan, foundation plan, framing plan, exterior elevations, building section, and more. However, it does not typically include details such as cabinet layouts, interior elevations, or material and finishes sections.

Once the Permit Set is submitted for review, there may be requests for additional information or improvements from the municipal authorities. It is important to note that this review process can potentially impact project costs as additional requirements for enhanced building may be added. Consequently, a final pricing review is conducted to assess the costs of any changes. The updated set, known as the Construction Set, incorporates all the revised drawings and serves as a crucial tool for final pricing, material ordering, guiding construction, and forming the basis for the construction contract between the builder and homeowner.

At MDzyne CAD Drafting Services, we boast an experienced team capable of handling projects of various sizes and types, including residential, corporate, education, institutional, hospitality, healthcare, retail, and more. Our Construction Documentation Services are accurate, detailed, and delivered with a fast turnaround time, ensuring increased efficiency for your project. Trust MDzyne CAD Drafting Services for precise and reliable Architectural Construction Documentation.


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